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More pics to be released


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Ok, I spent several minutes using an MSN search to find out more on the judge giving the ok to release more Abu Ghraib pictures, but to no avail.

I did however, find something on FOX News...WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!


A question I have is......WHERE THE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THIS?

I mean, wasn't the media all over the leaking of the CIA agent? They wanted someone's head on a platter. I'm not justifying the action of the leak, BUT in my opinion, this is more serious. American troops will die; no doubt about it!! I hope the ACLU is happy. And please don't give me the technicality BULL about the "freedom of information act." People are already being punished for this. What does the release of these pics accomplish? Nothing but bloodshed. Yeah, the abuse was un called for. Yet, what's the point of going throuhg the courts just to have more stuff released? Will the enemy know that this was back several months ago? This is just the exuse they need to be motivated to kill more innocent people.

I'm still waiting for the outrage from this.

The media has its priorities in a mess. Most apparently don't see a problem about this, but they don't mind constantly pounding the total tally of deaths and destruction in Iraq. The media is picky and choosy. They have an agenda. hey really aren't looking out for the soldiers and this is the most grusome example.

And the judge is like ..let's take a power trip. This is America, feedom freedom freedom. Blah Blah Blah...... oh yeah let's concentrate on who leaked a cia offical, but let's not worry about the safety of our troops. Safety obviously isn't on the list of concern for judges and the media.

This just angers me to no end.

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AMEN!!! and AMEN!!!

It looks like even the CIA leak issue is going to be another issue the media assumed to much about. Now some are going to have to eat some crow. Remeber when alot the media was suggesting the leak was Karl Rove? Now it looks like it was somebody else and that person did not even know that the CIA operative was even in the CIA at all! So now there is no legal case because to be breaking the law, you have to be knowingly outing an overcover CIA officer. One of the unfortunate risks you run of being undercover in the CIA, you could be accidently exposed by somebody that does not know you are part of the CIA because they talk to somebody about your actions and whereabouts of your cover job.

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