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Top Athletes of All Time

Proud Tiger

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According to a recent article in Sports Illustrated (don't have link but read on another board today), the Top 15 athletes of all time are:

1. Jim Brown

2. Jackie Robinson

3. Bo Jackson

4. Charlie Ward

5. Deion Sanders

6. Dave Winfield

7. Marion Jones

8. Jackie Joynes-Kersee

9. Raghib Ismail

10. Brian Jordan

11. Wilt Chamberlain

12. Bob Golic

13. John Elway

14. Jeff Samardzija

15. Julius Peppers

While lists like this are very subjective and no one will agree with the whole list, it is nice to see Bo get continuing respect in supposedly unbiased quarters.

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Walter Payton, Gale Sayers

I agree. That's what I mean by the last sentence in my original post. We all would come up with a different list. My only point was that Bo is almost always ranked high on these lists.

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