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Shane Impersonator?


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Figured I may as well start this where the smack belongs 'cause I don't see any way it won't turn into that.

I have actually never heard Shane himself (never listened to the show), but from what you all say of him, this sounds very much as if they're drinking their koolaid from the same glass. (and equally laughable):



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What has Kevin Scarbinsky been smoking?


His article today was titled "It's Auburn's year to win real national title" and he goes on to use this as the reason.

"On offense alone, quarterback Brandon Cox, tailback Kenny Irons, wideout Courtney Taylor and guard Tim Duckworth are potential All-Americans". He then goes on to say "Auburn has the coaches. Most of the staff has presided over an undefeated season..." like that is supposed to make a huge difference. (Hmm...how long has it been since a Bama coach has had a 13-0 season?)

Here are the facts that he fails to mention. First, Brandon Cox didn't light the world on fire last year and actually stunk up the place in several games throwing key interceptions. (Several games? How about one game: His first start!) Courtney Taylor was TERRIBLE in a word last year (No, he was INJURED, in a word, last season.) and Scarbinsky is using Taylors numbers from the previous year (When he wasn't injured?) when Auburn had a different quarterback and two amazing tailbacks ( See: "Kenny Irons", "Brad Lester", "Carl Stewart", etc.) to rescue any potential miscues along with two other great receivers. This yera, Courtney is all alone in the experience department and while I do believe that Tim Hawthorne will be good, he won't light the world on fire this year. (I admit we're young there, but also extremely talented.)

Look, I'm not one to say that Auburn won't have a good year...their schedule alone should assure them of that as ours helped last year. ( And as yours will help you THIS year.) However, it in no way means that "ears" won't blow a game or two as he NORMALLY does. ( Uhh...See "13-0 coaches" comment above. When's the last time Bama had a coach that didn't "blow a game or two"?) I hate bringing this up, but here is a fact that simply CAN'T be overlooked. In the last 10 years, Auburn has had 1, 10 win season. In the last 6 years, on TERRIBLE probation without the players, Bama has 3, 10 win seasons. ( Perhaps part of the reason you had ten wins was the same thing got you put on probation: cheating. And correct me if I'm wrong, but with the exception of Shula who hasn't had his post-10-win year yet, didn't all those 10-win coaches end up being fired, run off, or else dumped you the year after those 10-win seasons?) I'm sorry, but I don't see Auburn winning more than 9 games this year and frankly WSU could surprise them and beat them because while Auburn should be and is favored, if WSU puts a bunch of points on the board (See: "Will Muschamp") , I'm not sure Auburn can keep up (See: "Al Borges") .

For the record, I agree about Kenny Irons and Tim Duckworth...they are two great players, but please someone...anyone tell me what Brandon Cox or Courtney Taylor has done to deserve this type of hype?

Well, as I said, good for a laugh. :roflol:
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Shane is the quintessential bammie fan so I'm not surprised you would suspect this guy to be him. Whether they're from Hoover or Centerpoint, it's all the same when they're full of themselves, ignorant, uneducated assclowns. Take this fool, for instance: he has trouble keeping track of two separate single-digit integers when trying to make a point (uat has only two 10-win seasons in the past six years, not the three he's convinced they have.) Clearly, multi-tasking isn't this guy's strongpoint. Neither is football. While he expresses a sincere concern AU won't be able to keep up with WSU in scoring (laughable considering the veteran offense AU has returning not to mention a top OC in Borges,) he fails to notice the same (and more probable) situation with uat not being able to keep up with Hawaii in a shoot-out.

quietfan, you don't have to listen to Shane to understand what a total buffoon he is. You can read what passes for thoughts bouncing around in his skull. Just click on Shane Sez (bottom left) if you need a laugh: Link

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