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This coming from another website...RWS....Just a quick question

The Prowler

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I haven't seen this question mentioned or asked here so I post this question from someone else....The person asked this question before the news of Brandon Gibson came out.....BTW, rws, the plane that Gibson took was flown by one of Gibson's friend's father, who happens to be a uat Board of Trustee member. Anyway...back to the question.

First the disclaimer...this is "hear say" but from a H.S. Football Coach (and) I have no reason to believe would make this up.

Seems that he believes he has discovered one of the unmentioned parts of "The Process." He has seen pointed interest in few of the Sophomore standouts from of a couple of prominent SPUAT boosters who regularly contribute to the H.S. Booster Club. He believes they are clearly targeted because they have potential to be D1 recruits in the future. He was not really thinking about that too much until the Forbes article came out. Now the interest in the young stars seems almost directed to the H.S. Coach. That put him to thinking.

He came up with a deep concept that may fit "The Process". He remembered the NCAA allowed Tee Martin to receive "gifts in the form of cash" from a UT booster in Mobile because the two families were "Friends" before UT recruited Tee. So it is not a stretch to think that "The Process" could target and be-"Friend" potential recruits before they are officially listed with the NCAA as being recruited by SPUAT. If this "Friendship" with the recruits family is developed before the coaching staff contacts the players, what would prevent the SPUAT "Family Friends" from giving assistance to the family and recruit? Seems the NCAA may have helped to define a key part of "The Process".

That is a deep thought. I had never heard this discussed and was wondering if anyone could provide more insight in the NCAA and rules about gifts from family friends. What do you guys think?

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Dose this fit the point you are making?

Gibson will be suspended for the first two games of the season for committing (unknowingly) an inadvertent secondary NCAA violation. while he was in high school he got a ride from a friend to a UA sporting event. the friend's father is a UA booster. whats funny is if he had known his friend since 8th grade, it would not have been a violation. but since he only knew his friend since the 9th grade, that technically made it a violation. UA self reported this to the NCAA and they accepted the two game suspension. they didn't even have to suspend him but did anyways.




Just asking. What do you think runswithscissors'?

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The "proccess" is not new to uat. This type crap has been done for decades...to the knowledge of many.....

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