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Jameis Wintson King Crab Legs


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Thought this was pretty funny...who says the bammers can't be funny?

Supermarket advertises Winston crab legs

It didn't take long for the social media world to joke about Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston on Wednesday, when it was discovered that he had been cited for shoplifting crab legs.

One locally owned supermarket in Alabama took the joke a step further and is now getting national attention as a result.

[+] Enlargencf_e_winstoncrabs_200x300.jpg

Courtesy of Eric Smith/Jack's Foodland

Jameis Winston inspired a new crab legs description at Jack's Foodland in Eva, Ala.

Jack's Foodland Supermarket in Eva, Ala., made light of the Winston story by putting the Florida State quarterback's name on a package of crab legs, labeling them "Jameis Winston King Crab Legs."

Joel Smith, the manager of Jack's Foodland, said he and his family members shared the image on their personal Facebook pages and the image quickly began spreading like wildfire.

"We made a one-time label for our personal Facebook page just to have a laugh," said Smith, son of the store's owner, Larry Smith. "We're always joking around with all our friends and it just went crazy. People started sharing it and then it hit Twitter and it started getting retweeted and it's really just blown up."

Smith said his brother Eric decided to make the label as a joke on Wednesday afternoon.

Smith said the supermarket has received calls from national media, and customers told him it became a topic on a local radio talk show. There was only one label made and it was only placed on one set of crab legs, but customers have come in and reacted to it. Smith told USA Today that the store didn't actually put the Winston crab legs out for sale.

"We're Alabama fans and we just have fun," Smith said. "We're a small town and we always joke around about stuff on our Facebook page. We're all the time cutting up and doing different things, so we thought that would be funny and never dreamed it would get national attention."

Winston played his high school football at Hueytown High in Bessemer, Ala., a little more than an hour away from Eva. Smith said he followed Winston's high school football career.

"I think he's a great athlete," Smith said. "I wish him all the best."


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