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Morning Mix Man’s ‘unusual fixation’ with Lebanese neighbors led to killing, Tulsa police say


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Sad deal. Unfortunately this happens all the time. Watch the ID Channel if you don't  believe me or just google "stalker killings" or something similar. There are some crazy mothers out there and sometiimes the system can't protect you. This time it happened to involve a Lebanese family and a crazy racist. Is that what you're getting at homer? 

Murderers come in all shapes and colors. I remember the stories of the honor killings by Muslims in America. Those poor girls couldn't be protected by the system either. Of course the one dad had the resources to escape back to the middle east where he will be very safe. 

This guy will be punished properly in America. Sounds like last time they couldn't prove intent so he got off with a hit and run. That is why he got out quickly, I assume. They make it sound like they let a convicted attempted murderer back out on the street after 10 months. I've never heard of anyone being forced to wear a location monitoring device after a hit and run either, but maybe it happens? 


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