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LOOK: 2018 Auburn Luggage Released


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The AUFAMILY is known to travel in massive numbers around the country to see their Tigers play.  Football season is approaching fast, and with big road games in Atlanta, Starkville, Oxford, Athens and Tuscaloosa, every Tiger fan will want to have their Auburn luggage when they are traveling to support the team.

Check out this NEW collection announced by Fanatics that has several different Auburn licensed products. AUFAMILY.com recently had the opportunity to review a few of these pieces.


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Product Review: Auburn Tigers 19" Premium Laptop Backpack

Auburn Tigers 19" Laptop Travel Backpack - Black

This bag manages to fit an almost absurd amount of organization and storage into a piece that maintains the clean lines of a more refined backpack. It will fit everything you need, including up to a 19" laptop, without looking bulbous or rumpled and still be comfortable to wear after a long day.  The backpack has a one-year warranty, and it is made of water-resistant ballistic nylon.

Aesthetically, it's got a clean look to it with all black and an interlocking AU right in the front center of the bag. We have seen some backpacks that look hideous, but this one looks top notch.  It is also available in Gray, Pink and a Black with Blue trim.

Overall, we think the bag feels like a quality item and looks solid. If you are currently in the market for a backpack, we would check this one out.

Product Review: Auburn Tigers 22" 2-Wheeled Duffel Bag

Auburn Tigers 22" 2-Wheeled Duffel Bag - Black

This  rolling duffel bag could be our new go-to luggage. It easily fits in the overhead compartment of a plane, helping you avoid the fees and hassle of checking luggage while still being a pretty good size for those weekend trips.  It has a large main compartment that makes it easy to pack and is quite versatile with its separate mesh zippered pocket to hold miscellaneous items.   

The push button telescoping handle comes up pretty high, so you don't have to bend over to move this luggage around. It also wheels around easily making getting from point A to B a snap. It feels sturdy, and it has multiple grip handles in case you don't want to use the traditional big handle.

The look of the luggage is excellent with all black and just the interlocking AU. 

Overall, we would recommend this bag if you need some new carry-on to see your Tigers play or a just multi-purpose duffel bag in general.

Product Review: Auburn Tigers 21" Hardcase Two-Tone Spinner Carry-On

Auburn Tigers 21" 8-Wheel Hardcase Spinner Carry-On - Black

This is an incredibly awesome travel case. It’s super lightweight (only 6.6 lbs), extremely sturdy with its 100% ABS construction that absorbs impact, easy to maneuver with its 4-directional spinners and has incredible storage space. 

We loved the hard shell of this case; it’s awesome in the plane. We’ve used this twice already, once on a road trip and once for a cross-country business trip.  This case is awesome for flying; it’s exactly within the FAA guidelines for travel, so no issues getting it onboard as a carry-on.  It’s so sturdy but also so lightweight that it’s a breeze getting it in and out of the overhead compartment .

Inside the luggage, it has two main compartments with pockets with tie down straps and the lining is polyester.

Aesthetically, it looks sharp with a 2-tone color trim with black and gray.  It is also available in Pink, Silver and Navy.  For those looking for a little more room while still being able to carry-on with ease of transporting, we would highly recommend this piece.

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