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Week 1 Broadcasters Announced


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10 hours ago, abw0004 said:

You don't like Kirk?  He is my favorite.  The guy has always liked Auburn which is refreshing.  He is the only one who saw Auburn as a dark horse in 2013.

He also did in 2010, then crapped his bed Iron Bowl week when he saw his hero dink awaiting Auburn. 

Why would you pick a team to go undefeated, they win 11 straight and THEN you decide to abandon ship?


I’d ride that mutha all the way. But no, not Herbie. 

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22 hours ago, AUsince72 said:

Not bad IMO.  However, anybody else notice that on these ABC prime games, the bands' mics are so loud you often barely hear the announcers?

I'm not complaining, mind you..... Just an observation.

I promise, next Saturday night though, I'll be listening to and pulling for Mr. Burcham. 

War Eagle!

No. Doubt.

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