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Let's be clear.

Twitter is a *privately* held company owned by Elon Musk. He can allow (or disallow) most anything he wants on his social media site, just as Trump can do on his Truth Social site, so long as it does not cross certain red lines.

The legal definition of "censorship" applies only to government curtailing the speech of individuals or groups. Musk (Twitter) can block anyone for any reason. Period.

Musk's idea of "free speech" is not absolute. Historically (upheld by the Supreme Court) some speech is not protected. That includes speech that incites revolution or insurrection against government, or speech that threatens the lives of individuals or groups, or hate speech in violent crime, etc.

But he can bellow about "free speech" while still firing employees and blocking Twitter accounts that mention anything he disagrees with.

It's not "censorship," it's just blatant hypocrisy. He does not believe in "free speech" at all. He just supports speech that he likes and nukes speech he doesn't like. That's his notion of "free speech." hahahaha




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On 12/22/2022 at 7:50 PM, DKW 86 said:

Nice dodge...

Wouldn't telling someone they didn't understand their post be just the opposite of dodging?   :dunno:

(Think of it as being presented with an opportunity to explain yourself, if that helps. In fact, it actually sounds like you are the one "dodging" by failing to do that.)


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I have noticed a lot of the time people are talking about free speech they are misunderstanding that free speech means you can say it, not that you are safe from the consequences. You can say whatever you want, but others can decide what the consequences are if they control the platform you say them on. If it gets bad enough, your employer or the government could even get involved. That is just the nature of all of this. Free speech isn't being taken away. You just have to watch your mouth because people won't put up with certain things. You are of course welcome to take yourself to other platforms or even create your own. It is unreasonable to put it on everyone but yourself to accommodate you because you don't like that others don't want you speaking on their platform.

I say all of this not trying to claim either side is right or wrong in every case (although in some cases there is very clearly a wrong party), but to highlight the fact that we have limited power to influence other people's business/platforms. To be upset about that is pointless. Making some "grand" gesture calling them out even when you are famous typically doesn't end well so just understand that you aren't the intended audience and either adjust or find somewhere else.

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