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Who plans to invest?

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18 minutes ago, Mikey said:

  Stock prices rise when business is bad, people buy when they anticipate a bounce, such as when a Democrat leaves office and a Republican takes over.

And here I always figured it's because there's expectation Democrats will clean up the messes left by Republicans and improve the economy.

Variable Democrats Republicans
Real GDP growth 4.33% 2.54%
Job creation rate % 2.59% 1.17%
Unemployment rate % 5.64% 6.01%
Unemployment rate change -0.83% +1.09%
3 more rows...


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And therein lies the problem.  People like Salty and Mikey think facts are funny!

I understand Mikey's response but I have a question for Salty:  Do you think this data is simply false?

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