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Parents of dead Marine remove his name from anti-war protest site

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Dead Marine’s Parents Remove His Name From Anti-War Memorial.

More than 200 supporters of the Iraq war and the troops fighting it descended Thursday on the crosses in Lafayette — long a stronghold for local anti-war protesters.

Supporters waiting for a national support-the-troops caravan to stop in this city stood at the base of the hillside blanketed by crosses, and some shouted at cross organizers who stood on the hill.

The parent of a soldier killed in Iraq removed his son’s name from one cross.

“Using our son’s name is disgusting,” said Tracy resident Scott Conover, whose son Brandon died in Iraq in January 2006…

A cross supporter shouted as he climbed the hill, “If you think I’m going to send my little boys over there …” But Danville resident Sherry Perussina drowned him out with, “You just let other people do it for you.”

Perussina, whose 21-year-old son spent a year in Iraq and is expected to be deployed again, said of the crosses, “This to me is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s shameless. It’s bigotry. Stealing identities to make their political statement is shameless.“


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