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Team Obama: Seek and Destroy


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Sarah Palin? Just another victim to destroy. Connect the dots. Surrogates do the dirty work while Barack wears the white gloves.

You can't lose when you have no opponent - pretty slick, huh?

A longer video with more details:

CNN Exposes Obama's Dirty Tricks on Alice Palmer in 1996

More change we can all believe in!

NOTE: The CNN report fails to mention Obama waited until the last possible day to challenge the signatures, which kept Palmer and others from responding to the challenge. So, Obama torpedoed everyone else off the ballot, including Alice Palmer, who had taken Obama under her wing and helped him get into politics.

Remember Jack Ryan?

[Amy Holmes]

I would like to remind readers that Senator Obama owes his job in large part to the successful effort to make Jack Ryan's embarrassing divorce papers public. I met the Los Angeles lawyer a few months ago who made that happen. At the time of the Senate campaign, she was working at a law firm that was hired by news organizations to unseal the documents. She argued to me that the public has the right to have access to public documents. She was of course an Obama supporter who also hoped at the time that the records would help defeat the Republican candidate and elect Obama. So, will the media apply the same standard to the library records? Turn about is only fair play. And in this case, a review of Obama's time at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge is far more politically salient than Jack Ryan's messy (but interesting!) married sex life.

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