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* Al Gore's father was also a U.S. Senator and his mother is a wooden plank.

* Many say Gore got his personality from his mother.

* Al Gore hugs trees because his parents never hugged him.

* Once when Al Gore was at McDonalds, the cashier accidentally gave him a large fry instead of the SuperSizeâ„¢ fry he ordered. Gore then proceeded to demand the CEO resign.

* Don't let Al Gore near any elections, because he'll try and steal them.

* His programming was specifically for him to be a politician. Now that he no longer is one, he's gone rogue.

* Some say that Al Gore is an emotionless, killer cyborg, while other say he is more of an android.

* If you turn on a microwave while Al Gore is near, he'll suddenly start singing showtunes.

* Al Gore spent most of his vice presidency trying to keep Clinton away from his daughters. :roflol::roflol:

* Al Gore's rage wasn't well known during the 2000 election, but it's said that sometimes he'd short circuit during the campaign trail and take out an entire town.

* Part of the reason Al Gore gave such an insane tirade yesterday is because a refrigerator magnet was stuck to his head.

* Most aren't sure why Al Gore singled out Rush Limbaugh in his recent speech, but it may be go back to the time Rush Limbaugh killed his father.

* Due to his huge obsession with porn, Al Gore invented the internet.

* During the 2000 campaign, Al Gore told a number of stories that weren’t quite true. These weren’t in fact lies, but instead the results of faulty programming in his logic cells.

* Al Gore is bullet proof but vulnerable to EMP blasts.

* Al Gore is obsessed with saving the environment. Eventually he plans to eliminate all cars to save the air and then all people.

* Some say Al Gore is stiff, but he actually has a wide range of movement for a robot.

* The only way to destroy Al Gore is to get him to chase you under a hydraulic press. It's best to keep in memory all the nearest hydraulic presses before hand.

* If his eyes glow red, that means he's about to charge. Quickly dodge to the side and then counter attack.

* In a fight between Al Gore and Aquaman, Al Gore would grapple Aquaman with his “tree hug of iron” grab, snapping Aquaman's spine.

* Rumors that Gore was designed by Honda are unfounded.

* What you don't see in the video of Gore's speech yesterday is that he slaughtered everyone in the room right after. Good for him.

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