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Terry Beasley


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Apparently, Terry is in pretty bad shape. This is from his daughter:

"My AUBURN FAMILY:: My father needs your help more than ever, he is so sick in I.C.U. He is not doing well and his lungs are not producing oxygen. His pacemaker is not doing very well. His brain is in overdrive and cannot control much at all, after years of injuries, abuse, and hard work. His pain management is beyond repair. Our family and my father need your prayers more than ever!! If you can send a kind word to him, please send him a kind words, love, and support! The sooner you send the support the sooner he will get it, which he really needs! please send it to:

2010 Brookwood Medical Center Drive

Birmingham, AL 35209

Terry Beasley room 388

God Bless you all and thank you all for anything you can do, as it would mean more than the world to him. Thank you, thank you, and I send love out to you all during this trying time for our family."

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What's happened to him is a shame. He was one of the finest football players ever to suit up for Auburn, or anywhere else for that matter.

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