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Two guys walk into a bar....


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But the republican had to buy the beer for the demoncrat.....he had already given his money to the poor.

How's that for a joke.

BTW. It's not a very good joke cause everyone knows that the demoncrat only gave away the republican's money. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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During the 2000 Election the press dug up an interesting tidbit. the Gores made something like $300-400k and gave out.......<$300 for the year.

The quote above about a liberal only wanting to give out the money of the Republican is in fact very accurate. I do not know many liberals that give any real amounts to charities. That is why they feel that ONLY government can care for any real need. In reality, charites are supported by the individual donor and they do far more good on far less money than the federal government could ever hope to do. Face it, foir all the faux brain power employed by the feds, they are abysmal failures at most endeavors they pursue short of military supremacy.

The Republican Party, for all the hogwash about corporate sponsors etc, is primarily funded by individual donors. You know those folks with enough faith to finance all the work done by churches in this country. Those that have worked their tails off and have made good by the sweat of their brow.

On the otherhand, the Demoncrats get the vast majority of funding from large corporate and institutional givers. Unions, endowed PACS, etc make up the bulk of donations and have for years. This leads to the concentration of power in the Demo Party as would easily inferred by those with any common sense.

I know a prof who studied govt programs and concluded that average govt efficiency is about 25-30%. Median is 28%

In other words, for every $1.00 you send in, the Federal Govt Employee Union and overhead get 72 cents, the recepients get 28 cents.

The numbers go up some for larger programs, Social Security etc but dives on FoodStamps, Medicaid etc. Seems even idiot govt eggheads cant avoid economies of scale in some situations, hard as they try to be as inefficient as possible.

Now, when was the last time a govt program was reorganized to increase efficiency? Never, it is reorganized to create more jobs, more oversight and ultimately reduce effiency.

I love America because we are the best, but man, some other countries must really bite at govt programs.

BTw, I work in charities foten, donate to my church and give to 4 different environmental orgs too. I am just not a brain dead tree hugging nut.

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