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AU Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 151 (Clemson game)....


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Our apologies that this week's AUFAA podcast is a bit late going up, as Coach Ray only regained power in Dade City, FL early yesterday! Whew, glad JR, Sami, and the critters are none the worse for wear from Irma!

Believe me, Coach and I far prefer to podcast after a big W, but hey, there's still plenty to break down, and believe it or not, you'll enjoy this show. No punches pulled.


The Good and Ugly of the Clemson loss, and the “Fix” for the AU Offense

The dead horse that was the Auburn offense versus defending national champion Clemson deserves just ONE more severe beating, and Coach John Ray and Doug Dean are up to the task! With expected “cupcake” opponent, Mercer, up this week, the Tiger offensive brain trust is in desperate need of major solutions to the offensive plan, execution, and play calling.

Join Coach Ray and Dean as they tackle the ugly from game two, but also attempt to be constructive that a mere two games in, the staff at least has the opportunity – due in no small part to what appears to be an elite AU defense – to find some fixes, and playmakers, and get on a run of wins. If Auburn is able to run their record to 5-1 before heading to Baton Rouge on October 14th, the outlook would certainly be dramatically different than at present.

Hit it HERE at iTunes:

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