The Auburn football program is a bit of a mess at the moment. After going 7-5 during the regular season, the Tigers are off to the Music City Bowl — a big disappointment after high preseason expectations.

Making matters worse is all the turmoil around coach Gus Malzahn, who many in the fanbase — boosters included — want fired.

On Wednesday, Alabama reporter Josh Moon, who mostly covers politics but interacts with some big boosters on his beat, tweeted about some strong new restrictions on Malzahn.

As you can see below, Moon is reporting that Auburn isn’t letting Malzahn offer deals to assistants that are longer than one year. Moon says that’s hindering Malzahn from hiring Hugh Freeze as his offensive coordinator:




If this is indeed the situation, it’s worth wondering why Auburn didn’t just bite the bullet and fire Malzahn after the regular season.

This seems to be hindering the program, so we’ll see what develops over the coming weeks