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Bo Nix Article on New Offense


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Bo Nix 'in a good spot' learning new offense 

ByJASON CALDWELL 45 minutes ago 

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Even with Auburn’s spring practices canceled and only four total hours a week of installing a new offense via video conferencing under Chad Morris, quarterback Bo Nix said he feels like he’s in a good position as the Tigers continue to try to prepare for the 2020 season on their own and away from campus.

The son of a coach, former Auburn quarterback Patrick Nix, understanding the game has always been a big part of what Bo Nix is all about. as a football player. That has come in handy for him now as he is trying to soak up a new system while at the same time working on his game and his conditioning to be ready to hit the field running when they get the green light to return to action.

“Obviously, we’re only on a couple of installs because the situation kind of slowed us down, but I have gone ahead a little bit on my own time and soaked up as much as I could. I think I’m in a good spot as far as learning a new offense.

"Obviously, it’s hard without running and repping plays at practice and having a spring under your belt, but I feel like as we continue I’ll be able to learn the whole offense by the time the season starts,” the quarterback said.

Bo Nix and Chad Morris before the Outback Bowl. (Photo: Jason Caldwell/Inside The Auburn Tigers, 247Sports)


Something that has played a big part in the strong head start for Nix was his habit of stopping by Morris’ office and sitting down with the new coordinator when he arrived on campus in December. Getting to work together throughout the bowl practices and watch film while discussing football throughout the winter months, Nix said it has given him a great idea of what to expect under his new coach and also what the offense will look like.

“Looking back, I'm glad I did that, and I'm glad I went in there from the start because we really got a good jump on things," Nix said.  "We were really looking forward to going into spring because we were already kind of ahead just as a quarterback room in general, and then we were going to bring our guys along as we went. 

“So obviously, not having spring, not having an extra set of practice, especially after a year of playing, I mean that kind of hurts and you wish you could have it back, but at the end of the day everybody did it and nobody got their spring practice so whenever we get back,it will light the fire that much bigger, and then you'll get to go out there and play and have fun again.”

As is normal with a new offensive coordinator there are going to be some changes for the Tigers in 2020 under Morris, but one advantage is that it’s not a completely new system. While Nix noted there are some difference in  some verbiage with the offense, there are also things that remain much the same. In the end it’s all about finding a rhythm between Morris and himself, something he believes has already started.

“It’s similar but different,” Nix said of the offense. “Going back to his roots with Coach Malzahn is where he first started learning it. Obviously, there are a lot of things similar, but at the end of the day each offensive coordinator has something different up his sleeve just learning those little things and how he likes calling plays ,and what he likes the most and just picking his brain and learning what he likes. 

“At the end of the day the quarterback and the offensive coordinator have to be on the same page and they have to know each other," Nix added. " I think that’s the most important thing so as we continue to go into the summer and get back that will be important to continue to learn and grow with each other.”

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I think we're in about as good a position as it is possible to be in, considering that we have a new coordinator and no spring practices. Hearing that Nix was proactive in meeting with Morris before quarantine is a great thing, but more than that, Bo's time spent with his father only helps with his ability to comprehend what's going on and where his coordinator is going with whatever he's showing them in the video sessions now.

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