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How baseball differs from Football

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Last year Ole Miss was awful at the start and middle of the SEC season.   They got hot an won the CWS.   In football you can drop a game, maybe 2 and still win a natty.   In baseball it is much more important to peak at the right time.   We got swept at Arky to start the year.   Now, we have won our last 3 series including against 2 of the top 3 teams in the country with one being on the road.   We have won 5 and lost 4 series.   Headed back to Ohama?   I'd never BET against Butch or Auburn.  

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Well, the size of the ball is certainly different.

How about we merge the two! We play football with a small round ball. Receivers have baseball gloves, improving their chance of actually catching the damn ball and not fumbling it.


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