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Now that's funny


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I wish I could have written that ticket. I love it.

Maybe he can get Bill to pay for lawyer fees, fines and court costs.

Now kids this should be a lesson, never listen to Bill 'OReilly, or this is what will happen. You'll turn out to be disrepsectful to authority and may end up in jail. Or, your mind could turn to mush, like this guy. Years ago it was MTV, now it's Bill O'Reilly. My, how times have changed. :roflol:

In this video, taken from a Tampa Bay police car, a man cited for speeding and breaking a noise ordinance insults police while praising conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly.

The speeder becomes angry as he explains that he wasn't listening to "rock and roll," but rather trying to hear O'Reilly's radio show. He further insults the officer, calling him a "donut eater," and insisting that he is "going to hell."



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I knew a guy who was ticketed for speeding while listening to a uga football game. It was the '84 Cotton Bowl, when John Lastinger ran around right end late in the game and uga won, 10-9. What's surprising is that ticket was givin in S. Ga! Cop mght have been a 'Nole or Gator fan, I'm guessin'.

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