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Stabbing followed feud over laundry

Papers say showdown at BC turned violent

A bloody feud in Boston College's Vanderslice Hall that left one student hospitalized and another free on bail began with accusations that one of the women had sabotaged her dormitory mate's laundry with bleach, court papers say.

After the showdown in the laundry room on Feb. 19, the two continued their agitation, the documents say, and last Friday it turned violent when Brianna L. Jones, 19, allegedly stabbed Diana Mirambeaux-Saker, 19, twice in the chest with a pocket knife. The attack left the wall and floors of Vanderslice Hall, a center of student life at the Chestnut Hill campus of the Jesuit university, smeared with blood.

Jones, a sophomore from Middletown, Conn., pleaded not guilty yesterday to two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon at her arraignment in Brighton District Court. Mirambeaux-Saker, a double major in theater and psychology, was recovering from a punctured lung at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

"It had been something that escalated for the past two weeks," said 19-year-old Theresa Hamilton, who lives down the hall. "The two girls had been fighting for a while, and on Friday night, at about 10-ish, things seemed to erupt."

After Mirambeaux-Saker accused Jones of intentionally bleaching her laundry eight days before, the two students, who lived across the hall from each other, traded threats. Mirambeaux-Saker, from Roxbury, ratcheted up the tension last Friday by ripping the name tags off Jones's dorm room door, court papers say.

After noticing her door tag missing, Jones confronted Mirambeaux-Saker last Friday night in the first floor hallway of Vanderslice Hall, which houses 423 sophomores and juniors. Mirambeaux-Saker then grabbed Jones by the collar of her sweatshirt and verbally threatened her before Jones choked and punched Mirambeaux-Saker, records say.

The two women fought until another student, Kevin Gordon, 19, a friend of Mirambeaux-Saker, intervened.

While fleeing to another dormitory, Mirambeaux-Saker left a large amount of blood around the floor and walls of Vanderslice, court papers say. Police found her bleeding on the floor of a Boston College bathroom with two incisions on the right side of her chest.

Mirambeaux-Saker told police that she did not see a weapon, but felt a couple of sharp pains to her chest during the fight.

Jack Dunn, a Boston College spokesman, said the school suspended Jones, who was released yesterday on $2,500 bail .

Boston College officials walked through Vanderslice on Sunday to assuage students' concerns and to offer counseling, Dunn said.

"Students realize this is an isolated incident that is being handled through appropriate judicial channels," Dunn said.

Looking down the length of the hallway, Mike Hartel, 19, said: "It's kind of scary. I had no idea that people kept weapons like that in their rooms."

Hamilton was less surprised.

"We do live in a bubble, but people are capable of doing that no matter where they are," she said.


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