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Future is very bright


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I’m feeling very confident in our position on the Administration side of things and overall future of the football program! Am I crazy for being optimistic here????? 

I like Lane but what I like better is where Auburns organizational alignment is at and where things are going. We will hire a solid coach, maybe even a great coach, who will not only be excited but also well supported by our administration, new facilities and the  NIL collective. Big time TV money is about to kick in along with conference realignment and the CFP expansion. 

It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger right now!!! Given how this team, this coaching staff and the fan base has so quickly bounced back from the past couple of years is something to be very excited about. War Eagle!! 

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Guest MustardSeed

It seems better. If Lane is the worst we are going to hire then that’s higher than we usually aim so that’s a positive. But of course that’s yet to be proven

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